7 Smart Storing Solutions For Everyday Life

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How many times have you wished for this tiny, extra little bit of space? May it be for the house or even for the car, these 7 simple but efficient storage solutions promise to ease your everyday life.
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1. Kitchen Cutlery Tableware Holder & Drainer - Available in 4 Colors

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This Cute Elephant Cutlery Drainer allows your cutlery to dry in Style while the excess water drains through his trunk directly into your sink.
A novel truly idea to adorn any sink!
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Fridge Additional Space Drawer
Need some more space in the fridge? These smart slide in fridge drawers will give you the additional space you were so much longing for
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3. Travel Bottle with Integrated Weekly Pill Case Organizer

Pill Case with Water Bottle

Now you will never have to worry again for your medication while on the go. Here is a water bottle with built-in daily pill box organizer.Made from robust shatterproof acrylic 100% BPA Free

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A great cap collector? Well now you've found the perfect way to store a multitude of baseball and sport caps. The caps face front, so you can show your pride in your home team - even when you're not at the game. This storing solution prevents caps from getting crushed, or losing their shape.
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5. Smart Shoe Storage 

Shoe Storage

 These colorful smart shoe storage racks will help you save valuable space for all your shoes. Store them easily at closets, shelves, racks, cabinets, decks or floor. Made of high quality, non slip plastic and can hold easily any type of shoe.

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6. Car Back Seat Organizer

Car Seat Storage


The perfect storage solution for everyone who loves road trips and camping with family. Ideal size provides the perfect fit for organizing common travel accessories such as iPads, books, office files/documents, smartphones, drink bottles, snacks, umbrella, baby supplies, and much more. 

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7. Easy Mop and Broom Holder

Mop and Groom Holer

 A superior quality rack. Suitable to hold Mops, Brooms, or Sports Equipment. The Rolling balls automatically adjust to each handle's thickness and grips it securely. This would be a great addition to you laundry room or garage

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